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Advanced HSPU Program

This program is designed for athletes that are competent at both strict and kipping handstand push ups. It was designed with 3 parts to improve your capacity with handstand push ups. Strength, Stamina, and Volume Accumulation.

This is a challenging program that is aimed toward testing your time of 100 HSPU by the end of the 9 week cycle. The strength work involves a variety of upper body movement focused on increasing shoulder and tricep strength. Stamina utilizes similar movements but with a different structure to work muscular endurance, and the volume accumulation is a fluctuating EMOM of hand stand push ups.

The program was designed to be done in addition to other training pieces and can either be performed 2 or 3 times/week depending on the approach. We suggest that people have 10-15 strict HSPU and 15-25 Kipping HSPU in a row before starting this program. If this seems overwhelming we also offer a "beginner" program that may be more suitable for the building blocks of developing handstand push ups.