Muscular Endurance/Hypertrophy


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Why the Strength Program?

To improve athletes abilities to move heavier barbells for sustained efforts and provide muscle growth.

This strength program is a 9 week cycle with work days falling on Monday’s and Friday’s. We like to provide at least 48 hrs of rest between each lifting session so you can maximize your effort and results.

Each day will have a lift that you will work up to a 1 RM followed by the accessory lifts. The 1 RM lifts rotate through 3 different exercises each 3 week block and are designed to keep and build our strength in the 1-3 rep ranges. The accessory lifts is where the real work is put in. These also rotate each week for 3 weeks and progress to varying rep and rest schemes. These are programmed in what are called “giant” sets which force the athlete to go from one exercise to the next without rest, and each exercise should be taken to or just before failure. This is a true mental and physical test and for those that put in the work here will surely benefit.

Midline work is also programmed for each session and rotates between volume and static holds or carries for time or distances.

The key to many athletes isn’t just the ability to lift a heavy 1 RM, but to apply the strength they have toward consecutive reps with sustained efforts. As a “smaller” athlete Chris Spealler had to maximize not only is 1 RM strength but more importantly his ability to cycle heavier loads under fatigue. These programs are what he followed in order to make gains here. They aren’t your traditional percentage work or focus on technique but instead, building raw strength that we can apply to all of our lifts… the key… under fatigue. All the while this structure helps aid in muscle growth if we are consuming the right amount of calories and have the correct training volume. Time to get strong!!!

This lifting program is designed to have you build up to a 1 RM of a core lift for the day. This simply means find the heaviest weight you can lift for that exercise THAT DAY. The key is being flexible with this and not stressing about a new lifetime PR per say. Ideally you can increase weight on the lift over the course of the program so make sure to keep track of your numbers.

The real work begins when we start to do the accessory lifts. The structure of this program is designed to have you do each of the accessory lifts back to back. They are typically called “giant” sets. Loading should be something that takes us near failure if not to it on the final rep of each movement. Adjust loadings accordingly… it may take some experimenting since most of these will be under fatigue and a high heart rate. As SOON as you finish the first exercise go to the second, and onto the third. There is a 5 min rest built in between each round and by the end of the first round you should be nervous to hit the second round. By the end of the second round you should want to take a nap. The effort, grit, and mental toughness you put into these sessions is what you will get out of them.